Let’s discuss 4 different functions for your buffet and sideboards.  These storage pieces are not just for dining rooms these days. Take for instance, this Reclaimed Wood Buffet. How many uses can you think of for this piece of furniture?

1) Media Center: You can easily store your DVDs and components safely inside this functional buffet while your flat screen sits on top. The Iron clad doors will allow your remote control access to your receiver. Components too deep? Cutting a hole in the back of your buffet will allow those deeper components to fit a shallow space.

2) Play Room: Placing baskets inside this buffet will not only organize all of those loose toys but will still maintain a classic look when needed.

3) Extra Bedroom Storage: A dresser isn’t the only piece of furniture that stores clothes. Shelves are easily used for folded clothing and who doesn’t need extra drawers. If you would rather camouflage your clutter, choose a buffet with solid doors.

4) Bath vanity: Unique buffets and servers make for, not only beautiful, but functional pieces. The way to achieve this is to measure your ideal vanity height, counter depth, width and then, go shopping. You can have a granite slab counter top cut for a snug fit and either drop a sink in or choose an under mount sink. This bathroom addition will be the envy of the neighborhood.