When living in a small space, storage solutions can be tricky and every square inch counts. To maximize your area see which pieces can serve dual functions.

1) Coffee Tables: Using a rustic trunk as a coffee table will not only add style to your space but also add needed storage for all of your extra movies and electronics.

2) Using an Extension Dining Table: Ideal for small dining areas and easily pulls out for extra seating when needed. There are many other furniture pieces that expand and condense, from coffee tables to kitchen islands.

3) Utilize cubes as side tables or nightstands. Small cubes can fit into tight spaces and work well in narrow bedrooms as nightstands.

4) Hide-away Sofas: Convert your spare bedroom into an office or tv room but still maintain that additional bed for the occasional guest.

5) Use Baskets and Bins Everywhere: In shelving, baskets are a great way to hide clutter and maximize space. This will work in every room of your home and can simplify your life.

6) Buffets or Sideboards: These are probably the most functional pieces in your home. Used in almost any room, a storage piece with solid doors can house items you use everyday or items that you use once a year.


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