A window treatment for a bathroom can be as eye-catching and attractive as a window Curtain Medallion - Fleur De Listreatment in any other part of the house, though there are a few things a homeowner might need to take into consideration. The material needs to be able to bear up under conditions of high humidity and moisture and should be easy to take down and clean. Therefore, wood might not be a good choice to use as a window dressing for a bathroom since it tends to warp and swell. Translucent paper is also probably not the best sort of window treatment in a bathroom. We recommend curtain hardware such as forged iron rods, for example, for hanging bathroom curtains. The curtains you choose also shouldn’t be allowed to trail to the floor because of the risk of getting wet.

The bathroom should also be well ventilated with either a fan or a window that can be opened to guard against mold and mildew attacking the materials.

One good window treatment for a sunny bathroom with a bank of windows along one wall are mini-blinds. The slats on these shades can be made out of metal and painted any color. They allow the person to control the light as well as the level of privacy.

There’s no reason that a shower curtain rod can’t be hung playfully over a window with a curtain that matches the shower curtain. The fabric shouldn’t be too heavy or boldly patterned especially if the bathroom is small. Sheer curtains in white or a pale neutral color will help make the room look airy.

A Roman shade is also good for a smallish bathroom with one proportional window. Because they have battens between the lining and the main fabric, Roman shades have an elegant, tailored look. If they’re very sheer, the battens might be replaced with more delicate corsetry stays. The similar looking Swedish shade can also be used over the window. These shades also roll up from the bottom but on a reefing system. They also don’t use much fabric.

Another smart window dressing is cafe curtains. Only the lower half of the  window  is covered, which gives the person privacy. The upper half of the window lets in natural light. The cafe curtains can be mounted on rods with pretty finials and hung with rings, clips, fabric ties, or button tabs.

Another solution is curtains made of white lace or some other light fabric that freely hang just to the window stool. The headings can either be slotted or pleated. At Cokas Diko we are always on the look-out for unique window hardware to give the windows in your bathroom or anywhere in your home a one-of-a-kind style.