High Traffic Area: entryways, family rooms & hallways

Medium Traffic Area: lining rooms & home office

Low Traffic Area: bedrooms & formal living rooms

Seagrass is extremely durable and recommended for entryways and high traffic zones. Seagrass rugs are often made with a latex backing, which helps hold the woven fibers in place. However, seagrass is not meant to brave the elements so it is not recommended for the outside.

Sisal is an extremely strong fiber but will stain more easily than Jute or Seagrass. You may not want to use a Sisal rug in an area where you would be concerned about excessive dirt and grime. Sisal rugs work best in a medium traffic areas and can actually help keep a room cool by absorbing humidity on hot summer nights.

Jute works best in medium traffic areas and is hard-wearing and long lasting. Jute is naturally shiny, holds dyes well, resists fading, and has natural anti-static properties. The plant itself is highly sustainable and needs no fertilizers while growing.

Coir, often used in doormats, is the ONLY natural fiber that will withstand extended exposure to water. If you live in an area that get excessive rain, coir is your best bet. Coir also has a natural  resistance to bacteria and fungus growth. If you are going to use a coir rug on a delicate surface, you should use a rug pad to protect your floor.

Our Santa Rosa show room located near Sebastopol has a wide selection of RUGS.

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