The exterior of your home often reflects your interior. For the view of city skyscrapers, grey and blue hues may set the tone. For a lake view or vineyard scene, soft garden greens and yellows may be the focal point.  Bringing the outdoors in is always a refreshing and inviting aesthetic that remains timeless and easy to achieve.

Aside from working with a different color palette, decorating with natural, textured elements such as linen, sea grass, carved woods, birch and wicker can truly rejuvenate the indoors to feel more alive, connected to the outdoors and without breaking the budget.

The outdoors can transition indoors effortlessly by making subtle changes such as creating a reading nook next to a large window, accenting the cozy space with handmade linen pillows, adding rich elements of copper and recycled metal light fixtures for a natural glow, changing heavy window treatments to sheer, airy style drapery or allowing the illusion of a larger, brighter space by placing rustic style wall mirrors across from each other.

Open the senses all year long by letting more light in from outdoors. Stay minimal when displaying your favorite gems without overfilling/over decorating a space because it may be a bit empty looking. Less can be more. Try displaying botanical aromatherapy candles, large teak bowls for fresh fruit and handmade flax linens for an organic-even elegant finish to any gathering.