Choosing drapes can be a daunting task and choosing matching hardware can sometimes be even more difficult. Typically, this is due to the enormous range of options available. By taking the time to understand just a few tips, you can make your window treatments both stunning and functional.

Types of Hardware

Not all drapery hardware is created equal. In fact, some hardware is designed for utility whereas others are meant for docoration.

As you can imagine, utility hardware is often affordable and more basic, mainly because it isn’t seen and is hidden by your drapes or valences. In contrast, decorative and more ornate designs and finished are priced a bit higher because they are what will be seen when looking at the window.

Stationary v. Functional Needscokas drapery rods and finials

If you’re someone who regularly opens and closes your blinds, you will need a functional rod that is more likely to be utility hardware. Of course, even windows with functional curtains often have some decorative, stationary elements as well. And when it comes to hanging panels to frame the window, you will need a decorative rod that will help you make a statement.

The Right Style

Depending upon your home and/or personal preferences, you’ll choose a drapery hardware style that suits your needs and likes. Metallic or iron hardware is ideal for contemporary styling whereas wooden or ornamental rods are well suited for traditional or more stylistic homes.