With indoor gardens on the rise, duplicating mother nature can be simple and chic. Whether you choose a lavish vertical garden, a produce and herb bar for the kitchen or enclosing an existing live tree with a glass surround, there can be challenges.
The main focus is to be able to view the indoor garden design regardless of size, from any angle of the room. It is important to allow for ease of care so research the exact type of light your garden will need to encourage healthy growth.

For maximum impact, blend the greenery and flowering foliage with a complimentary color palette to the surrounding decor. Adding comfortable seating nearby, made with natural elements will compliment the new space and avoid the sterile look of sitting in a doctor’s office. Place tall plants or trees under sky lights, near a staircase or on beautiful rocks or stones for a modern edge. Mobile planters can be a versatile alternative for smaller living spaces, easily moving onto a patio or additional rooms in your home.

The main objective of your indoor garden oasis is to create a natural and relaxed space that will grow and evolve with time. Allow yourself to enjoy the process as nature finds a place in your home.