Bradington-Young recently forwarded care and virus control in regards to leather furniture.

“According to the CDC report, the COVID-19 virus cannot live long in porous surfaces such as leather and wood since the small holes or spaces in them trap the microbes and keep them from transferring, unlike surfaces such as door handles or glass doors, etc.

Please do not use any type of disinfectant wipes or sprays on your leather because they contain alcohol which would compromise the bonding agent on the topcoat of the leather. Once the topcoat is compromised, the leather will no longer be protected and color transfer begins. See below for the cleaning instructions as instructed by our leather suppliers:

For the cleaning of Finished and Aniline-Plus leathers against the Coronavirus, so as not to weaken the finish of the leather, we would recommend:
1) Open windows to create air movement.
2) All viruses are best removed by gently wiping down the leather’s surface versus spraying.
3) Wipe down the furniture with a soft, damp cloth with a weak, non-acidic soap and water solution, such as Dawn or Palmolive, (3 parts water to 1 part soap). Just like washing our hands, using soap and water is the best method. Other recommended soaps include Woolite, Ivory and Dial. Some of these soaps contain anti-bacterial properties, which are good, but not required.
4) Allow the air circulation in the room to dry the leather naturally. You may also use a blow dryer but remember to keep at least 12” away from your leather furniture.
5) If this operation is performed regularly, we would also recommend applying a Leather protective cream to the surface to prevent the leather from drying out over time.

For the cleaning of Aniline and Nubuck leathers:
1) Aniline leathers (not nubuck) can be cleaned by using the same method as detailed above with a much dryer cloth, barely damp. As always, a small area should be tested first to insure no color removal. The leather will darken as the water penetrates but should dry normally without leaving a stain.
2) Nubuck leathers should only be cleaned with a Nubuck Cleaning Kit. There may be leather protective creams or cleaners coming out into the marketplace but none are currently available. For example, Uniters (formerly Leather
Master) plans to introduce a “Vivid Cleaner” as soon as it is ready. Leather Cleaning Kits are available for purchase through our Customer Care Department or your local retailer. These kits do not target the COVID-19 virus specifically but will help maintain the clean surface of your leather furniture.”