With modern taste, the simple charm of wine country style interiors is loved around the globe even if you’re far from Italy or Napa/Sonoma. Designing in Sonoma Wine Country is all about the experience of CD16-025 - Caleb DiningNorthern California living. Creating an authentic Wine Country room design is achieved by combining both rustic and elegant styles while resisting the urge to look perfect. Bringing the outdoors in is also a trendy flipped design idea and is truly beautiful when you wish to incorporate your everyday living cokas Set 3 $138 Iron_previewspace with the natural elements. Placing weathered chairs and antique heirlooms with a modern table design can only attract inspiration to your home. Designing in Sonoma Wine Country style has endless style options; mixing textures of fabrics, seasonal foliage, accessories reminiscent of the vineyard and traditional pieces, both new and old. Cokas Diko Home and their friendly design specialists are the perfect pairing of knowledge and style to help you finish your living space design of Sonoma Country charm and beyond.