Don’t be fooled by this unseasonably warm November. We’ve turned back our clocks, the entertaining season is rolling in, and the holidays are here. That means company’s a comin’. Is your home primed for overnight guests?

We’ve constructed a checklist of simple gestures that will ensure your friends crash comfortably, sleep soundly, and treasure their time in your abode. Once you’ve done the customary cleaning, de-cluttering and pantry restocking, take these additional steps to truly create a home-away-from-home for your guests.

A Good Night’s Sleep

There’s no doubt about it. Sleeping matters, and good hosts don’t let friends sleep poorly. If you haven’t already invested in a comfortable bed for your guests, now is the time. And if you really want to give them the gift of a good night’s rest, take inventory of your pillow and blanket situation. Some folks like soft pillows and others prefer dense, so provide a few of each. You may host toasty guests who prefer to sleep with just one light comforter or those whose habit is to hibernate underneath many, so cover your bases by keeping a stack of blankets on a shelf in the closet.

Mirror, Mirror

One of the easiest ways to both spruce up your guest room and accommodate your visitors is to hang a large mirror. Not only do mirrors brighten up a room and make it feel more spacious, but they provide a place for last minute makeup and outfit checks when there are too many people jockeying for the bathroom.

Tech Savvy

These days, when our smartphones are as valuable as our wallets, maintaining a charged battery is an everyday concern. Do all you can to put your guests’ tech troubles and worries to rest, by providing them with extra phone chargers and your Wi-Fi password.

Room to Breathe

Make sure your guests have a place to store their stuff. This may mean clearing out some of the winter clothes from your guest room closet or the extra linens you keep in that dresser drawer. Give your visitors a place to hang a dress or tuck away some personal items. Positioning a chair in the corner of the room allows for a convenient place to drop a purse or backpack at the end of a long day or a comfortable spot to slip on shoes the next morning.

The Extra Mile

Guests don’t usually expect much, but some extra touches can go a long way. No one wants to be a burden, and chances are, your guests won’t ever ask for things they forgot to bring, so a basket of conveniences – ear plugs, reading material, small bottles of water, light late night snacks, a small fan, extra toiletries, a plug in night light – go the extra mile. Think personal. Think details. Think dark chocolate on the pillow.

As you consider the type of guests you’ll have – extended family or long lost college friends – think carefully about what you could do, provide, or buy that would lend extra warmth and comfort to their visit. Don’t hesitate to set up a DIY coffee/tea station in the kitchen or bake some treats ahead of time.  Organizing these amenities in advance will free you up to spend more time enjoying your company.