Norwalk’s insight into 2020 color trends incorporates various shades of green, Louise Room Bloghighlighted with pops of daffadil and curry. Norwalk explains the current trends as “Echoing nature-inspired hues: Green Envy pulls in deeper shades of emerald, shamrock and pickle for the framework of this trend. Darker green tones are paired with mustard and dandelion tones, while lighter shades like pickle, softly interplay with light violets including periwinkle and lavender.

The many shades of green have had several year’s run of ever-increasing popularity. We feel that currently the deeper green shades are showing the strongest trend. Colors like emerald, shamrock and pickle are the tread leaders. But like all good base colors, it is often the secondary color compliment that makes the deeper tones really sing. This season we’ve chosen two. With the deepest green we like a splash of medium ocher – think dandelion to butterscotch. With slightly lighter pickle greens we love the soft addition of light violet – think periwinkle or lavender. As is so often the case in home design, the interplay between two “just right” color tones is the secret to an energetic and successfully designed room.”

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