Dining RoomWhen you’re choosing a dining room table there are several factors to consider before you make your purchase. Most likely, your first decision will be to determine what style of decor you want in your dining room. Modern and contemporary style dining tables feature a sleek, trim design that work well in small dining rooms. Traditional and rustic style tables tend to require more space. Once you define your style, it’s time to decide what size and shape of table you want.

Most dining tables are 28″ to 30″ in height. This is a reasonable height that provides sufficient space for people’s knees. It is also considered a comfortable height for eating. Keep in mind that your choice of dining chair should be considered in conjunction with the height of the table you choose. Another factor to consider when choosing a dining room table is how you’ll use the table. If it will be a place where the family gathers for meals everyday, you will probably want to select a casual style table with a durable finish. If the table will be used infrequently, on special occasions, an elegant style table could be used to give the dining room a more formal atmosphere.

As a general rule, there should be 24″ between the wall and the table. A table that is used daily should be large enough to seat the whole family comfortably. As a general rule, your family dining table should be able to seat your family plus have the ability to accommodate two additional people. If you plan to occasionally entertain, but your dining room is not spacious, an extension table is an excellent, space-saving option.

A rectangular or oval dining table is a good choice for a formal dining room. Once again, you might want to consider tables with an extension for the times when you have a large number of guests. A round or square table is a good option for a small dining room. Both of these shapes tend to create a coziness that makes a small dining area very attractive. Dining tables with drop down sides are an option to considered when space is at a premium.

Measure your dining space carefully before you begin shopping for a table. You don’t want the dining room to look and feel crowded. Family and guests should be able to move around the table and pull out their chairs without hitting a wall. Be sure to stop in one of our two stores in California to see our selection of unique dining table and chairs for your home.