These unexpected interior lighting tips will broaden your view on illuminating design. Lighting is an essential ingredient to home decor. Rarely is one source of lighting sufficient for a room. As a general rule, every room needs a form of task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting. Decorative lighting is a fourth source of lighting that you can incorporate into most rooms.

A kitchen functions most effectively with task lighting such as a long pendant light or track lighting above the island.   Under-the-cabinet lighting is one form of ambient lighting. You can use accent lights inside of a glass front cabinet or to illuminate wall art. You’ll also want to include a ceiling mount light that complements the decor.

In the bathroom, it’s essential to include vanity lights such as hanging pendants or wall sconces. A ceiling mount light is also a necessity. Chandeliers are becoming quite popular as a choice of general bathroom lighting. You may want to include recessed lighting to illuminate the shower area. Accent lighting can be added in the form of lamps or wall sconces.

Floor and table lamps are ideal for a living room.  A ceiling fan with light or a semi-flush mount ceiling light is also an option. Dimmer options are a nice convenience for living room lighting. Area rugs can be used to define and designate space in a large living room. One of those spaces might be a reading nook. This would be a great place for a decorative table lamp or floor lamp. A pendant light could be used over a game table in one part of the living room. You can use lighting to draw attention to wall art or decorative accessories. Recessed lighting can also be used to make a living room appear spacious.

Small table lamps placed on nightstands or swing arm wall lamps are ideal bedside lighting. Task lighting is needed at a bedroom vanity or reading area. General lighting that complements the decor is usually included as part of the bedroom lighting design plan. A master bedroom or guest room also should have mood setting lighting. Look for lights with dimmer controls. Using lighting to accentuate art or large plants included in the bedroom decor can create a relaxing or romantic mood.

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