Life Happens: Norwalk Furniture’s Performance Fabric Collection

Life happens, spills happen and even sunshine happens!Norwalk Custom Upholstery

It’s been that kind of a day. First, your kids come home excited from a soccer game and run their muddy feet on your sofa. Next, while you are trying to relax after a hectic day with a glass of wine, RED wine, your puppy decides to visit with all of their excitement on your lap…do I have to say more?

Kids, pets, food, drink, light – some of the best parts of your life can wreak havoc on your upholstery fabrics. With our relaxed, outdoor and casual lifestyles, we like to live in every room in our home without limitations. We appreciate fabrics that live this life-style with us while resisting stains, fading and clean easily. We have enough stress in life, without our furniture being one of them!

Here’s a list of different varieties and grades of performance fabrics. Each having a slightly different attribute for your various lifestyles.

The Sunbrella Brand

Not only beautiful but durable, bleach cleanable and UV resistant. This worry free fabric is the most recognized and trusted name in casual and residential furniture, for over fifty years!

Crypton Home Fabric

A fabric that helps take the stress out of life! Sticky fingers, muddy feet, spills and odors clean up with ease. Don’t sacrifice looks for performance.

Revolution Performance Fabric by STI

Norwalk UpholsteryPerformance fabrics woven with 100% Olefin yarn, a Nobel prize winning fiber! Inherently stain resistant, antimicrobial, durable, soft to touch, 100% recyclable, NO chemical treatments.

As much as we love our beautifully furnished homes, we are not going to stop sipping wine, or close our draperies to maintain our color on the back of our chairs. But, if we can have the wine and sunlight and beautiful upholstery isn’t that the best scenario of all?

Norwalk’s Performance Fabric Collection has more than 250 fabrics that have set industry standards for durability, soil resistance, colorfastness and clean ability. Or as we like to say, NO stress in our already stressful and busy lifestyles.