“Lighting is the Jewelry of Any Room”

Cecil Adams

Currey & Company Lighting

Looking into our mirror, asking what is missing from our “look”, it is usually the finishing touch of jewelry. This is true of any room in your home, lighting adds that final and perfect accent to finish any room. Choosing the right lighting for any room, will help you dress up the spaces, much the same as your jewelry selection for your different looks.

A good rule of thumb is to have four lighting sources in a room to produce adequate lighting, set any mood, and complete your total design plan. Also, installing a dimmer switch on chandeliers and pendants can help control the amount of light that is disbursed depending upon your specific needs and moods.

Dining Room Lighting

Chandeliers are often the statement piece in a dining room, but should match the style you are conveying with your total design. When you are choosing a chandelier for a dining table/area, let the shape of your table be your first guideline in making your choice.

A square or round table may take a round chandelier, or an oval will look best with an oval or rectangular chandelier. A long table will look great with two pendants or lanterns instead of one chandelier. Do not be afraid of choosing a fixture that is too large. It is a much bigger mistake to choose a fixture that is too small.

Best Practices / Dining Room Lighting:

  • A chandelier should be at least 12 inches smaller than a table top.
  • Hang the fixture at least 30 inches from the top of the table. This will leave room for a centerpiece and conversation, which is often across a table.
  • Consider adding layers of light for a dining room with additional wall sconces and table lamps, remember, the good rule of thumb with four lighting sources in each room.

Living Room Lighting

Chandeliers are not only for dining rooms, they look great in living rooms as well!

Best Practices/Living Room Lighting

  • Make sure the chandelier fits the scale of the room especially in a great room or double height space. Hang the chandelier at least 72” from the floor so no one hits their head, and it will make it show off, like the statement it is intended to be.

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchens need bright, general lighting, as well as task lighting. Pendants are perfect for kitchens and smaller spaces.  Use them in multiples, so they make a statement over your counter or island.

Best Practice/Kitchen Lighting

  • If the counter top or island is 48” long or less, use two pendants, or three, if they are smaller in diameter. The longer the counter the more pendants you can use.  If the counter or island is bar height of 42” they should be at least 24” from the counter or island top.

Table & Floor Lamps

This is the easiest way to add color and design to any spaces, and lamps are always best done in pairs. Use task lamps for desks and wherever reading will take place, and decorative buffet lamps for a console or tables placed near sofas.

Best Practices/Table & Floor Lamps

  • Floor lamps are a great option when table space is limited. They also provide variation to a lighting plan while providing sufficient illumination to a space.
  • Be sure to keep lamps proportional to the tables they are sitting on.

Don’t forget lighting as well in stairwells and foyers. The wonder of wall sconces that serve decorative and task functions can really add to the ambiance of any space. They also could be a fun, decorative element in a dressing or powder room with minimum space!

Currey & Company serves all your lighting needs as you LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE while beautifying your home!