Pillow Talk…

Decorating with pillows is truly the most effective and inexpensive way to change any room. Pillows are both functional and decorative, adding to your comfort while instantly changing the mood in your room.

Here are 10 tips to keep in mind when accessorizing with pillows.

Pillows with the inserts inside take up a LOT of space. Store your pillow covers ONLY, the same way you store your bed linens. Reusing your inserts not only saves valuable closet space but also saves you money.

 Update your pillows with regularity. Doing so will keep your home looking fresh, updated
and seasonal without making major changes.

 When placing your pillows, start your placement from the outside and work your way into the
center of the piece.

 Begin your placement with a larger pillow and don’t be afraid of the size. The bigger the better!
Place the smaller pillows in front of the larger ones…remember the bigger the pillow, the more style statement you will make.

 Using an odd number of pillows is always more visually appealing. Even numbers tend to be more predictable and boring.

Pillows are the easiest and quickest way to experiment with color, patterns and scale. Do not be afraid to introduce a new color or pattern to an already styled decor.

 Mixing various textures also creates visual interest in any room. Remember, pillows are comfort items so have fun with it and don’t forget to include sumptuous fabrics like velvet or furs.

 To further visual excitement in your rooms, use a throw, quilt or blanket in a contrasting style or
pattern for an even more dramatic splash.

 Looking for a bolder look? Combine three or more patterns and textures. GO FOR IT and EXPERIMENT! You may be surprised at the results.

 Never be afraid to try something new. If it doesn’t work, you can always change it again. Remember, the key is to use colors, textures, shapes and sizes that are unexpected.

Now that you have these tips, start using pillows as fabulous, decorative accessories. Don’t forget to HAVE FUN!