Rustic mountain furniture for your cabin is easier to find than you think. Typically, when you think of rustic home furnishings for your mountain retreat, you get an image of chunky log furniture and accessories in the shape of a bears and pine cones. Not anymore! The once rustic cabin has evolved into a more livable space for occupants of all types.

Cyclo CounterYour choice on furniture is definitely not the same. For the eco-friendlier crowd, Recycled Teak and Reclaimed Oak will add an earth-friendly touch and an unsurpassed unique quality. These pieces are definitely one-of-a kind and it is best to view them in person because sizes and colors will vary.

Now, not everyone appreciates the rustic flavor of this wood so for those who are more refined, many woods in the Rosewood family will cater to your needs. In a more classically designed setting, Sheesham Wood, with it’s honey accents, will add a rustic warmth to your space. Note: just as the Recycled Teak and Oak vary in color, so will these piece.

For a more uniform look, Keykor Wood would work wonderfully. Not only is this golden toned wood beautiful, but durable as well. Many of these hardwood pieces will have hand carvings and iron accents.  All of these wood choices accommodate a rustic home and I would recommend mixing the woods to satisfy your taste.

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