Even if your home had the most stylish store bought pieces it would be lacking if it didn’t contain a few personal favorites from the past. Decorating with antiques and heirlooms infuses personality, interest and a recognizable warmth into your home.

No matter how sturdy or frail a piece may be, sentiment and historic value overrides everything. When we have an emotional connection to objects – they need to be respected. The beauty of conversation can last a lifetime, especially from an admired piece from your past.

Cokas Diko Home offers an array of charming and unforgettable new pieces that mix well with your personal heirloom decor. From rustic to elegant, there are always items that showcase the beauty of your heritage. We display room decor for your mind to wander and invite new ideas that inspire new traditions. Hiding treasures in a box is not exactly our idea of showing off your favorite heirloom pieces. By all means…bring them front and center! Ask our design specialists for assistance in how to design the perfect space for your treasures when you visit our showroom.