When Summer arrives, the bedding you choose through the season should be weather based but still ooze beauty and blend into your surrounding room decor for a perfect match. Fabric textures and layering should aim to achieve an elegant, relaxed and effortless look.

Try something new from typical linens and heavier quilts. Mix layers of lighter weight sheets and blankets in bright complimentary colors that peek out from a light and airy down duvet. For another layer on chilly nights, add a lightweight comforter or Matelasse on the bed folded into thirds, making the top edge face the headboard. Such an easy way to pull up for added warmth.

Whether you love classic Percale or fashionable Sateen, make your favorite style sheets the starting point for creating the entire bedding look while your and/or your guests reminisce of Summer vacations. Show off your bedding details; buttons, piping, color pattern, thread count and luxuriously soft fabrics. Pillows and shams should not look like an afterthought. Carefully choose designs you will love to throw around and mix up all season.

High quality bedding is important as we spend a third of our lives sleeping everyday. Styling just makes it more fun!