Virtually any room in your home could use hidden space. Why not add a cabinet that not only serves as a design element but also functions as a storage solution. Take, for instance, this sideboard. How many uses can you think of for this piece of furniture?Blog Article - Sideboard Ideas

  • Media Center: You can easily store your DVDs and components safely inside this functional cabinet while your flat screen sits on top. Can’t access your components with your remote control? No problem! Adding an infrared repeater allows access to those hidden electronics so they work properly. You enjoy the concealed look of hidden electronics with full remote control functionality. You could also choose a cabinet with glass doors, allowing your remote direct line of site for easy control. Components too deep? Cutting a hole in the back of your piece will allow those deeper components to fit a shallow space while also giving them extra room to breath.
  • Play Room: Too many toys to hide? Placing baskets inside this sideboard will not only organize all of those loose toys but will allow you to maintain a classically clean look when needed.
  • Extra Bedroom Storage: A dresser isn’t the only piece of furniture that stores clothing. Shelving can be used for folded garments, additional bedding or even your shoe collection. If you would rather camouflage your clutter, choose a cabinet with solid doors.
  • Bathroom Vanity: Unique buffets and sideboards make for impressive vanities. The way to achieve this is to measure your ideal vanity height, counter depth, width and then, go shopping. You can even have a granite slab counter top cut for a snug fit and either drop a sink in or choose an under mount sink. While this is project that will need a specialist to complete, the end result will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Remember, there is no limit to where your furniture is placed and every home has endless options. Need additional direction? Contact one of our Cokas Diko Home design specialists to help you find the spark in your space.