So, you pulled the trigger on that sofa you have been stalking for months. The order is placed and your wait time for delivery is 6-8 weeks…..typically. Well, welcome to the new world of pandemic delays. Unfortunately, our society has been touched by unforeseeable circumstances and the furniture industry is just one of the many effected.

Why is Norwalk lead time effected even though it’s made in the US? 

We are proud to say that our sofas are completely built in the US. Most of our components that make your sofa are also domestically sourced, however, many of the components such as foam and metal parts come from sources outside the US. While many companies are inclined to downgrade their raw materials to cut costs and get parts faster, Norwalk refuses to use materials that would jeopardize their commitment to high quality that is sustainably sourced. Obtaining these parts has been complicated by an imbalance in international trade and a shortage of container shipping.

To further complicate things, Norwalk (like most companies during the pandemic) was forced to shut down for 2 months. When the factory re-opened, not everyone was able to come back to work, whether due to illness or mandatory quarantines, lack of childcare, etc.  Because our product is such a high quality, learning the skills to produce our product, can take months to learn therefore creating a shortage of skilled labor. Even though Norwalk extended their operational hours and worked 7 days a week, they are still trying to catch up to the current demand.

Should you still order that show stopping, centerpiece for your family?

The answer is YES, YES and YES! Why you ask? Most quality sofas involve some level of customization and even if your selection seems simply, it may involve much larger and more complicated pieces. We know that you have a choice with where you purchase your upholstery, but when you purchase with Norwalk, you can rest assured that as a result of your patience, you can feel confident in knowing that the piece you ordered is exactly what you ordered without compromising quality and integrity along the way.