Art affects us all in different ways. We can view a piece of art and literally feel a hundred different emotions, mixing our experiences in life to childhood memories. Art can give us hope, create sadness, make us laugh uncontrollably and sometimes….in those rare moments, manage to pull numerous feelings out all at once.

Surrounding ourselves with art in our home goes way beyond decorating. Matching colors, textures and styles all contribute to your home’s aesthetics but it is those unique touches that transforms a space into YOUR space.

Art Work BlogHave you ever walked into someone’s home and felt instantly drawn to a painting or a piece of furniture? That is what meaningful artwork is for us, an expression of our personality, hopes, dreams, humor and maybe even a glimpse into our soul.

When you find an artist you connect with, there is something magical that happens to your surroundings. They are no longer cookie-cutter, mass produced slices of everyone else’s personality but YOUR personality.

What are you drawn to? Have you found what inspires you? Do you need to laugh, feel safe, somber or want to come home to tranquility? We can all have what we are looking for in art. Our showrooms continually carry new, original artwork that will make YOUR surroundings exactly the way you’d like.

Artwork Blog

Original Artwork by Kathy Wariner


Artwork Blog

Original Artwork by Jennifer La Pierre